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Naughty Kelly Clarkson Topless Fun On American Idol

Tuesday, August 12th, 2008

There are a lot of things that go on during American Idol that they don’t show you, and some of them have come to light in the later seasons.  On the last season, for instance, in became painfully obvious that the judges get to see and judge the finalists’ performances even before they sing live onstage during the program.  This happened when Paula Abdul, in one of her typical drugged-out moments, critiqued Jason Castro’s performance of two songs, when he had only sung once yet, and the second song was coming later in the program.  Busted!

Well, here are more revelations of what can go on backstage in an American Idol show, and this is featuring Kelly Clarkson.  So what goes on there that might shock the voting audience at home?  How about topless titty flashing and nudity!  Here are some pics from the first season, now revealed, showing Kelly Clarkson flashing her tits, once while changing in the bathroom and another time during rehearsals.  If her voice weren’t obviously so good, you could make a case that she won because she didn’t mind showing off her boobies.  But it was all in the spirit of fun, as you can see by the expression on her face, even in the pic where she’s practically naked and baring it all, boobs and pussy both, there where she isn’t wearing any panties while her top is pulled down

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