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Naked Kelly Clarkson fucks hard on the bed

Thursday, September 8th, 2016

Kelly Clarkson having wild sex

Few years ago, right before Kelly Clarkson became chunky here and there, she had this sex tape which made her an automatic sexual fantasy of most of her fans. Sucking and fucking some random dude’s dick and letting him eat her cunt good made them both cum hard in this clip!

Kelly Clarkson’s sexy pics before getting fat

Friday, April 30th, 2010

Before the world saw these pics of Kelly Clarkson becoming a man-eating ogre with thighs the size of a tree trunk, there was Kelly Clarkson hot pics. You may remember she was once a lady with a juicy cleavage. If there as one thing that stayed during her trasnformation into obesity, it was Kelly Clarkson’s ass. Hot damn that ass is like a black chick’s booty, always up for some hard anal-fucking! So before we forget about Kelly Clarkson’s hotness  when she was in American Idol, I’m bringing sexy back–in the form of these almost steaming hot pics. Seen here is Kelly Clarkson in the bed wearing hot black laced lingerie where she is covering half of her body…but don’t worry her hot legs are still in view.

What about this shot of her at her concert, she’s wearing some kind of bikini top and jeans. I don’t understand the fashion statement but I’m saying it’s hella hot! Now for those of you who’s got the hots for Kelly Clarkson hardcore naked pics, you might want to see it HERE. For the moment, you’re stuck with this image in your head. Yep. This is the closest you can get of Kelly Clarkson sucking a fat cock until you click to see more of her kinky wild side.

Kelly Clarkson’s Cum Facials

Tuesday, August 12th, 2008

It turns out Kelly Clarkson is a kinky cum fiend, as can be inferred from these photos here.  Not only does she like fucking a lot, she just has to have her partner’s cum splatter on her face, or even better, down her throat, after every hardcore session.  She’s just a horny girl who loves spunk!  But then maybe there’s another reason she loves drinking down that hot, sticky man juice, haven’t you thought so?  I think it’s one of the reasons she’s got such a powerful voice.  I mean, singing at her level all the time must put a strain on those vocal cords of hers, so what do you think she uses to sooth those tired muscles?  Why, fresh, soothing spooge, of course!  At least I think so, and it makes a lot of sense when you think about it too!

For more spunky action from Kelly Clarkson, check out this site, and see her in all her erotic glory!