Kelly Clarkson Nude

Remember when American Idol used to matter and the winner would have a hit album on their hands when they released it after the tour with the other finalists was finished?  Yeah, well it all started with this girl as we all know, and until now Kelly Clarkson is still one of the most successful American Idol alumni around, aside from Carrie Underwood.  But if you pit those two against each other, I’d still put my money on Kelly, because she’s got the most amazing vocals, and even acid-tongued Simon Cowell admitted on “Good Morning America” that Kelly Clarkson had the best voice among all the Idol winners, saying she was up there with the truly great singers of pop music history.

Now imagine Kelly Clarkson nude and using that voice to scream your name in ecstasy.  Did you like that?  Well, then you’ve come to the right place, because this isn’t an ordinary Kelly Clarkson tribute site or American Idol fan club.  No, while we do admire and respect Kelly Clarkson for her singing prowess and vocal power, we’re also here to admire Kelly Clarkson’s curvy, nubile body and girl-next-door beauty.  Sure, Carrie Underwood might be the blonde bombshell of the American Idol winners, but Kelly Clarkson is the girl next door you’d like to bone, and whom you eventually did bone because she was so nice.  That may not be the most flattering description of Kelly Clarkson that some may have come across, but there are those of us who get it, and who love her for those reasons.

If you’ve got a hard-on for her for the same reasons, then check out the Kelly Clarkson Nude website, where you can indulge all your kinky fantasies of Kelly all you want!  Your American Idol wet dreams are brought to life in the pages of that site, and you’ll see Kelly Clarkson baring it all and doing all the naughty things you know deep down inside that she likes to do!